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Roofing Upgrade & Construction Timelapse

Construction Timelapse videos are great tools for businesses large and small. These capture the progress of your project from start to finish and can be viewed in just a few minutes.

Timelapse Videos Applications

Applications range from construction, interior design and renovations to concerts, landscapes and wildlife. Timelapse photography is a little like magic. By capturing one frame every second, minute or hour, during a set amount of time (one day, week or even months), our timelapse cameras automatically fire the shot at the set interval, and shuts off to conserve power. At the end of the shoot we compile all the recorded frames, edit and play them in real time (25 or 30 frames per second). The resulting video is nothing short of impressive and is certain to wow clients, customers and viewers as they watch their project being built in fast motion.

Roofing Construction Timelapse

This video is part of a corporate video production we’re working on for Elegant Rouging LLC Houston. We strapped our Brinno construction timelapse camera to a vertical ladder planted in the front yard facing the upgraded home on a 45˚ angle, so we were able to see the whole front facing area of the roof being upgraded.

This construction timelapse was shot during the entire course of one day from 9h00am to 5h00pm. It started to rain the minute they were about to wrap up so, nature was on our side on this one.

Our Construction Timelapse Camera Features

Our construction timelapse cameras all offer these cutting edge features:

– Weather sealed

– Wide angle lenses

– Continuous power

– Compact design

– Easy installed on any surface or pole

– Rigid and heavy duty

Your construction timelapse video can look twice as better if combined with another timelapse camera, shooting from a different angle. You may have 2 cameras set up outdoors at different angles, or one outdoor and one indoor. The larger your project the more timelapse cameras we recommend installing. Camera setup and take down is included in your fees.

0% Interest Financing Plans Available.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss how timelapse photography can be used to showcase your project.

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