We keep commitments, not secrets. Memory mill productions is a Houston Video Production, Video Marketing and Photography company for those looking for a reliable partner.

We want to help managers and business owners in Houston TX decrease their video spend in 2019.

Buying in bulk saves you time and money. Video production is no different.
Even the best videos are useless if they’re not fresh and distributed to the right audience.

You need to produce consistent videos on a regular basis for your website to stay current, social media to stay engaged and YouTube channel to stay relevant.

This is why our video retainer is the perfect solution for you, and this can be achieved if you have a reliable video company on standby. It’s like having a fulltime producer, without the cost.

With our Basic package you’ll get one 3min video per month, shot & edited, with music, titles and everything. If you’re spending $2500 to produce one video per month, our retainer contract will save you $15,000 per year! Sounds like a steal right?

Our Services

Video Production

Business. Marketing. Events.
We create clean, stylish and modern videos, and turn your ideas into stories. As storytellers, we make sure to cover all angles so that your message is communicated effectively. What makes a video stand out? Originality. And that’s what we’re good at. Our cameras are compact for flexibility yet extremely powerful. We have the right camera for any production: DSLRs for most productions, GoPros for action shots, and dedicated timelapse for construction projects.

Post Production

Cut. Grade. Deliver.
Our crew are also professional video editors with years of experience cutting films for small businesses, multinational companies and advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, Fortune Promoseven, Barry Kirsch Productions, Impact BBDO, Gray and many more. Our latest Adobe Premiere suite is loaded with the latest plugins and effects, and works seamlessly with the latest motion graphics softwares. If you need an offline edit, a rough cut, a director's cut, or an agency cut, we know them all. Get us on board on your next project and let us deliver only the best editing services in the industry.


Weddings. Events. Portraits.
We are gatherers of natural light and candid moments. If you’re looking for professional photographers in Houston, we’ve got you covered. Create stunning photos of your life’s special moments, weddings, corporate events, portraits or any special occasion. Our Photography style consists of colorful, emotional imagery that captivates the essence of the moment.


Whoever you may be, whatever your needs are, we produce videos & photos for many applications, customized to your needs. From paper to screen, what you need is creativity, what you don't need is an army of staff. What you get is quality without the cost.


We only use top notch gear, software & talent

Professional producers

Our producers are cinematography graduates with more than 19 years of experience in Video Production and Photography.

Pikes Peak at dawn

Best editing software

We use the latest Adobe and Apple softwares from Premiere and Lightroom to Final Cut Pro and Motion. We use wedding and video production specific plugins to polish all our projects.

High Tech camera gear

From full frame portrait primes to the 60p slow-mo capable Panasonic GH4, GoPros and timelapse cameras, we have the latest tech gizmos to deliver any job.

top 20 wedding videographers award
Awards & recognition

Featured in Expertise.com 2018

When we’re not shooting, we’re busy giving interviews and receiving recognition for our outstanding performance. Memory Mill Productions was featured in the Bridal Extravaganza Show, and awarded the Top 20 Videographers in Houston for 2018. Our award winning producers have also been awarded many academic and film festival awards for their earlier work.

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