Become a Master Video Editor With Final Cut Pro 7 Online Course

How to become a master video editor

Do you want to become a master video editor and don’t know where to start?

Do you even know what becoming one entails?

Are you tired of searching all over the internet for a complete online course on video editing that will teach you not only how to become a master video editor and operate a software but also the business side of video editing?

You’ve come to the perfect place, and you’re on your way to become a master video editor!

My name is Zack Nassif, a freelance senior video editor, post production producer, and director, and i will show you everything i learned in my 18 years+ experience overseas and in the USA.

How to become a master video editor

Highlights of this course:

  • Learn in weeks what i learned in years
  • High quality professionally shot HD video course
  • Animated screen captured videos
  • Plenty of images, slides and supporting visuals
  • Fun quizzes after each topic
  • Project files and video clips so you can follow through
  • Behind the scene tips and real life examples
  • Beyond just FCP, learn how to get clients and perfect your showreel
  • Software AND business side of video editing
  • Never seen before complete video editing course worth thousands of dollars
  • And much more!

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Learn In Weeks What I Learned In Years.

Video editing is an art form. Just like cinematography. To know how and where to cut, as simple as it may sound, is to become a natural in finding the perfect pace and rhythm for your piece. And this might take you years to learn.

Let me save you time (and money) by sharing with you invaluable tips that only experience can teach you. I wish i had access to this kind of courses when i first started out, but you know it was the early 2000s and we could barely text each other back then.

18 years of technological advances later and the world can now stream 360 degree videos live on mobile devices. Therefore technology was able to bridge the gap between our physical and chronological realms. But one thing all this tech can’t create for you is this… Time.

Despite the astronomical advances in high-tech gear, people today have less and less time on their hands. Sounds counter-intuitive but it’s true. As a result, people are glued to their screens all the time like their lives depended on it.

I’m sure i can find all this info online for free!

Time. Not money, or information, or properties. None of these matter if we don’t have time for them. Time is the most valuable asset these days, hence my online course on How To Become a Master Video Editor With Final Cut Pro 7 will save you precious time researching the internet, reading manuals, finding books, and learning the ropes.

You can find small parts of it, not all of it, and certainly not all in one place. There are things books can’t teach you. If you’re a visual person like me you want to see things, move and happen in front of you. That’s how i learn. Books also can’t teach you from trial and errors which took me years and years of real life experience to learn from.

What Makes This Course Unique?

One more thing before we head into the actual course: There is not one, you read this right, NOT ONE online content that teaches you how to operate FCP7 AND the business side of video editing together. This 2 in 1 approach is what makes this course so unique. This course on how to become a master video editor with Final Cut Pro 7 includes backstage tips, editing room dynamics, client communications, freelance and employee tips, project management tips and how to manage deadlines, and much.. much more!

Why FCP7 and not FCPX?

First let me say that FCPX is a fantastic editing software, don’t get me wrong i have nothing against it at all. But you know the famous saying: If it ain’t broken why fix it? Everything i learned about video editing i learned on FCP7. FCP 7 is the last of the tribe since nearly a decade of innovation at Apple before the company decided to re-write the software. Consequently and for the many of us who felt left behind, FCP7 was, and still remains, a solid go-to software when you feel like re-learning what you already know.

Some editors don’t have time to re-learn a software. Some feel the new X is too heavy on their system. Others reported that it is somewhat complicated compared to its predecessor. I, for instance, am not a big fan of the new timeline and much prefer the old school (still used by Premiere and Avid by the way), simpler and more intuitive timeline.

How to Become a Master Video Editor With Final Cut Pro 7.

Ok! Now that we cleared out the why and why nots, i’d like to give you a quick overview of what you’ll be learning. This course will be divided into 3 large sections.

First of all, an introduction to becoming a video editor.

Some of the topics discussed are: (NOTICE: this is not a complete list of content. The following points give you a quick overview. If you want to get the full list of content, please Register for the course, for free, at the bottom of this article).

  • Educational and Mental requirements
  • Pros and cons of being an editor
  • Your first resume and showreel
  • Pros and cons of being a freelance/employee editor
  • and more!

The second section deals with The Business Side of Video Editing, and contains a large number of topics, each broken down to several sub-topics. The following are some of the things you’ll find in this section are:

  • Different ways to find new clients
  • How to engage and keep clients
  • Best ways to manage deadlines
  • How to deal with difficult clients
  • Internal communications
  • Quoting
  • Outsourcing
  • Project management
  • and much more!

Finally, the third and last section is an extensive, basic and advanced, overview of Final Cut Pro 7. Below are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • FCP7 settings and parameters
  • Preparing and sourcing your footage
  • Importing your footage
  • Basic and Advanced Editing
  • Transitions and titles
  • Audio Editing
  • Color Correction and Effects
  • Exporting
  • Addressing client comments
  • Backup and maintenance
  • Updating your showreel
  • And much more!

And there you have it. The All-You-Need-to-Know Online Course on How to Become a Master Video Editor. We’re super excited to have begun production on the actual course. It might take us a few months to complete, but you can register below and you’ll be the first to know about it when it launches. I’ll also throw in an awesome discount just for early registrants just to thank you for your time reading through this article.

To begin, register for free to get notified when we go online, with your name and email, using the form below. Also, once we go online, i’ll send you a link to the course along with the discount code.

In conclusion, if you have any questions about this course please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments or send us an email.

Happy editing and good luck!

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