4 Unusual & Easy Composition Tips For Beginner Photographers

Today I am going to give you 4 unusual yet easy composition tips for beginner photographers, which will help you take some really compelling shots in the start of your...
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recover your old photographs

3 Ways To Recover Your Old Photographs After a Flood

Harvey Facts Hurricane Harvey was deemed the second most powerful hurricane in the history of the United States after hurricane Katrina. It made landfall on August 25th 2017 just south...
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Tips for creating the best wedding videos

6 Expert Tips For Creating The Best Wedding Videos

The time when you could lock down a VHS camcorder to record a wedding are a thing of the past. When couples budget for videography, they expect a creative and...
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guest writing

Submit An Article – Guest Writing for Memory Mill Productions

Do you have an idea for a great post you think works great with our blog? Consider Guest Writing for The Memory Mill Productions! We’re always looking for young and...
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How to become a master video editor

Become a Master Video Editor With Final Cut Pro 7 Online Course

Do you want to become a master video editor and don’t know where to start? Do you even know what becoming one entails? Are you tired of searching all over...
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Senior Graduation Portraits

This beautiful young lady made it all the way through life's toughest moments, and nothing stood in her way from completing her school program at a local non-profit children support...
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