Video Production

Videos come in all shapes and forms from company videos to testimonials, demos, tours, training and commercials. This section deals with all things video, from paper to screen.

Tips for creating the best wedding videos

6 Expert Tips For Creating The Best Wedding Videos

The time when you could lock down a VHS camcorder to record a wedding are a thing of the past. When couples budget for videography, they expect a creative and cinematic video presentation. Creative video editors need to understand the expectations of modern wedding couples. Up your game with these 6 great tips if you...
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360 VR Video

Journey Around the World With This Spectacular 360 Video

Samsung just launched a brand new trailer for their Gear VR goggles that will blow your mind. An immersive 4k 360 video that takes you around the world.
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12 Powerful Ways to Use Videos to Showcase Your Business

What is the best Video Production Solution for your business? Here are 12 creative ideas and video applications to showcase your company's services.
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timelapse video astronomy

10 Creative Ways To Use Timelapse in Your Corporate Videos

Here are 10 creative timelapse applications from a variety of industries to show you how easy it is to apply this technology for any genre of business.
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Severe Thunderstorm Over Houston After a Sunny Day

A severe thunderstorm system developed over North and West of Houston Sunday night followed by multiple tornado warnings. Watch this spectacular scene!
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Become Somebody – Abused Girl Shares Her Pain & Hopes

Watch this thought provoking testimony as one of Krause's residents shares with us her thoughts on her parents, and her message to abused children like her.
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wedding videos

Your Wedding Videos Don’t Have to be Clich├ęs

Complimentary Houston Wedding Videography Producer and Wedding Website! At The Memory Mill we want your wedding video to look like a movie. Here's how.
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