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We believe  that your wedding day deserves no cutting corners, no compromises, and simply the best skills money can buy. Many Houston couples have trusted us with capturing their big day, from the moment they fell in love, to the reception exit. Our wedding style will tell you more than any words can.

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Gear is only one side of the story. What about your relationship with the production team? Their ability to anticipate reactions, moments in order to capture them? What about their eye’s sensitivity to good composition and creative lighting? Before choosing your wedding crew, make sure you ask about their past experience, study how much they are available to answer your questions, ask them if they have a plan to shoot every stage of your wedding day. You’ll be surprised with the results. Not everything is price when it comes to your wedding day. 



All our wedding videos are shot with editing and your end vision in mind. 19 years of video production experience have taught us that if a wedding video fails to tell a story, it’s a brochure. And that’s the kind of attention every wedding video we produce gets. We blend smooth cinematic camera movements with creative direction and technical expertise to produce professional wedding videos you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family.

cinematic wedding videos

to have and to hold

Cinematic wedding videos from $1500. Every wedding video package includes a wedding highlight, professional gear, color correction, wedding titles, audio tracks and video galleries.

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Include as many details about your wedding day as possible. Don’t shy away from sharing your budget range as this will keep your expectations and our planning realistic and save us both time. Send us your contact details so we can get in touch asap. Don’t wait! That’s one less thing you’ll worry about.

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